Did you know this about Prague?

Prague trivia knowledge that will make you stand out, part 2.

This is a triviality that will make people look at you in a little different way, again, like how could you know this? Part 1 is to be found here: https://yhalinen.com/prague-trivia-knowledge-that-will-make-you-stand-out-2/

It’s right in the middle of Old Town, thousands of people pass it every day and night, without even giving it as much as a glimt. It’s supposed to be a notable architectural feature, its “decorative style is characterized by its use of natural forms, curved lines, and intricate floral and plant-inspired motifs (thanks Silvia S.).”  It was built in 1900, by architects Osvald Polivka, Vaclav Haver. So what am I talking about?

The Sunflower Door

Around the turn of the 20th century the Art Nouveau style was very popular all over Europe, so of course you’ll find traces of that also in Prague, where it’s more than understandable that you can pass a building without giving it any notice. After all, built in 1900 it’s in our city classified as a new construction! 🙂 But the Sunflower door itself is very special, something that we use in our everyday life and still, a work of art. And claimed to give you a happy feeling when looking at it and it’s a little special, no doubt about it. So next time you’re in Prague… You’ll find it here: Haštalská 1072/6, Praha 1.

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