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 Welcome to our blog post. Here our intention is to offer you some small little special things about Prague that you will not always find in your regular tourist guide. Even if our focus will be on the local music and the everyday life in Prague, you will find some small things that’s outside our normal supply. So stay in touch, we promise to update the blog in a very regular irregular way! 🙂 
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Original Prague Syncopated Orchestra
@ Bára & Jesse + Stella (Ateliér 57)  The best jazz club in Prague, the official unofficial one in Beroun, held a garden party yesterday, deviating...
Petra Vlková, Mikuláš Pokorný, Libor Šmoldas
They're back... in Prague!
Updated 24.5.2024
Petra Vlková, Mikuláš Pokorný & Libor Šmoldas And they were just as good as they were supposed to be 🙂 Thank you very much.  Last night’s...
Petra Ernyei Trio
Jazz Under the Roof The weather god turned this week’s Jazz On the Roof to Jazz Under the Roof and at the same time scared away some of the audience,...
It doesn't get much better
Nick Haywood Trio Three musicians with a healthy self respect, who clearly are also friends and of course, with a respect for each other. Their skills...
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