It’s for free, part 4!

And also a little unknown...

One of the main attractions for the religious visitors in Prague is the Infant of Prague at the Church of Our Lady Victorious. The infant/doll that has its roots in the 16th century draws people from around the world, specially from the Spanish speaking areas. And yes, the admission to the church is free and it’s no secret, ok this is not always so self-evident but here yes, so what’s the story?

The little unknow museum

In the church, the door on the right side of the main altar leads to the museum of the Infant Jesus of Prague. It’s not very much advertised so the casual visitor normally misses out this attraction. It’s not big and absolutely not made for people with physical disabilities since there’s a staircase to climb before you get to the main hall, which is small and holds mainly  an array of various costumes and other memorabilia. Like one of the most famous objects that is the crown donated by Pope Benedict XVI. during his visit to the church in 2009. So if you end up in the church, give it a go. I’m pretty sure that your neighbor missed it, unless he read 😉 

Miraculous healings

The whole place itself is worth a visit, that is of course if you have the interest. There are many stories linked to the Infant of Jesus, like when he was rediscovered 1637 with broken arms, and as a reward to the people of Prague who gave him his arms back he blessed the city and was credited with miraculous healings and also amongst other things, with saving Prague during the Swedish siege in 1639.

Buy your own doll

Very few things are really for free, everything costs, so the church has its own souvenir shop from where you can pick up an original keepsake from your visit to  our beautiful city. And as you can guess, this is not for free, on the contrary, if you decide to buy your own doll make sure that your bank account has a big enough margin!  🙂 

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