This lightning strikes twice in the same place!

Music lovers had a feast in Prague Saturday 1.7. I’m sure that there were a lot of musical happenings in our beloved city that day, there normally is. But we who found our way to Jazzdock at the riverbank got a treat we will remember for quite some time. Summer afternoon, the sun is shining, it’s nice and warm, the feeling is superb, most of the people have a day off from work, things could not really be better, right? WRONG!!! There’s something missing and you just don’t realise it before it happens. Petra Ernyei Trio ( Petra Ernyeiová – voc; Adam Tvrdý – g; Petr Dvorský – b.) take over the stage, which is actually only a piece of  the corner on the sunny terrace, and suddenly you understand the expression “the icing on the cake”. Ok, honestly, I was here to listen to these guys, they are not even new to me, I also hold in my possession Petras record, which I still listen to quite frequently, but…   To me something had happened since the last time we met. Here were the old jazz standards performed in a very professional way that really gets to the audience, and it did. The whole three hours was built up so that when they finished most of us said, already? Still there was something new here. The band merges together in a way that I have not heard before, ok this is normal, the more you work together the more… but… The joy of playing has also reached a new level and I’m not talking about the skill of playing, that has always been there but… You could feel that they were having fun among themselves which of course means that we the audience were also 🙂 Something also happened with their self-confidence, it has clearly grown, they laugh at small mistakes, making jokes among themself, in other words just enjoying being there. Maybe I’m wrong but in that case so was all the others who were lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time. To me Petra Ernyei Trio has found a formula to make something very good even better, thank you for that! The whole set was so great and relaxing that when leaving the rooftop for home my batteries were fully charged and my feelings just one big smile, and I can assure you, I was not the only one! 🙂   Look at the pictures from Petra Ernyei Trio HERE!

Discharging the batteries

When heading for the evening session at the Jazzdock I still felt like walking on clouds due the afternoon session, but at the same time also a little sad. The evening band, Botticelli Baby, are good without any doubt, but I wasn’t sure my intake for music could take anymore for that day. Jep, grow and learn, I should have known better. For those of you who have not heard this band before I can only say that you have a gap in your musical experience that I suggest you try to fill as soon as possible. No matter what your musical orientation is, you should not miss this band. Their music has an inimitable style and they have a sound that many are trying to describe as a mixture of soul, jazz, pop, rockabilly. For me that’s a lot of drivel, for me this is very easy, they sound just like Bottacelli Baby, without any question, and they are good. Their music is original and engrossing; it takes your breath away so stealthily that it takes a while before you understand it even. And of course you could not do this if you didn’t know how to deal with your instrument, these guys are not any amateurs. I’m still amazed that the Jazzdock has any windows left after the drum solo in the middle of the first set, and this only because of the ovations from the audience. BB is not only about music, as you probably already guessed. What happens on the stage supplements the whole performance, they have an energy that is hard to describe, and you can be sure that it will get to you too! After two sets and two and a half hours you find yourself trying to catch your breath and asking yourself, what happened??? These are the guys: Marlon Bösherz – bass, vocals; Alexander Niermann – trp; Jörg Buttler – g; Lucius Nawothnig – p; Tom Hellenthal – Ph.D.; Christian Scheer – sax; Max Wehner – trb. The pictures from the gig are to be found HERE! 

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