Bohemia JazzFest 2023


Are you touring the Czech republic at the moment, out of ideas where to go?  Here’s a small and free tip for you if you’re into Jazz music. Bohemian JazzFest started in Prague today, and as normal the list of performers is versatile and has a very high standard. Go for it, even if you have to change your schedule, it’s worth it. Just the opening, which this year was in the Royal Garden close to the castle, was proof of that. There’s still five more places where the JazzFest will appear, the grand finale as usual, will be held in Brno 17-18.7. I’ll give you the link here:  where to go to get more information, they have very good pages both in Czech and English. A little hint after enjoying today’s show in Prague. If you have the change to see Petra Brabencová (in the picture above) & Jazzfancies, go for it. 

Valentin Schuster from Edi Nulz

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