They’re back… in Prague!
Updated 24.5.2024

Petra Vlková, Mikuláš Pokorný & Libor Šmoldas

And they were just as good as they were supposed to be 🙂 Thank you very much. 👏 Last night’s gig at U Staré Paní didn’t leave anybody cold, on the contrary. Petra with her very personal voice and being a true master of scatting, Libor and his guitar, is there anything he can’t do with it? and of course Mikuláš with the energy of youth and with the skills obviously, made again an evening that the only thing that went wrong was that they had to stop. I could personally have spent the whole night at the Old Lady just sitting and listening to this trio. I said it before, so I’ll repeat myself, these guys have something special going on that I don’t know what it is, but it’s GOOD! The chemistry works. The set list, which again didn’t exist, contains very few surprises, sort of, basically it’s mostly old jazz standards that one heard a lot of times before but… not in this way, these were presented and played model 2024, we the audience was most of the time dead quiet since nobody new what was coming next and we didn’t want to miss a single note! 🙂  It’s sad that jazz music today has a fairly limited audience, and yesterday’s hockey game where the pride of the nation played just at the same time didn’t help. 🙂 Because this music belongs to everybody, It just makes you feel good. Yes I’m aware that my writing is subjective, but watching the smiling faces last night I know I’m not alone with this feeling, 🙂 Until next time… 🙂     
The link to the last gig is to be found here:

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