Original Prague Syncopated Orchestra

@ Bára & Jesse + Stella (Ateliér 57)

 The best jazz club in Prague, the official unofficial one in Beroun, held a garden party yesterday, deviating from garage practice. 🙂 Yes there were also other things happening in the republic along with hockey, believe it or not 😉  The Original Prague Syncopated Orchestra was responsible for the entertainment, they took us on a trip back to the 1920:s in the true spirit of Gatsby’s Jazz Age. This well established band/orchestra that was founded already in 1974, holds a very high quality of personal skills and knowledge in what they are doing, that’s why they also are very well known outside the country’s border! Yesterday at Bára & Jesse they showed the meaning of being at the right place at the right time. With the sun shining in a beautiful summer afternoon, the atmosphere being totally relaxed and in every way with a very pleasant feeling, this was really a good choice of music, are you into jazz or not. The choice of music is of course not enough, you have to show your audience that you can handle it also, and the Orchestra did, in a way that even led to an encore after they finished their two sets, and there’s a reason for that, of course! 🙂 

No reservations, for now!

The arrangements were once again 10+, with snacks (very good!) 🙂 and drinks enough for everybody. The place itself, the garden of the home of Jesse and Bára was perfect for a whole family togetherness and to spend a few hours with old friends and to meet some new one’s. This still unofficial happening is growing, bands are booked for the whole summer already etc. At the moment it’s still possible to show up without any reservation, but for how long? So if you want to experience something a little above the usual in the world of music I suggest a visit to Bára & Jesse a.s.a.p. For now the happenings take place once a month so… It’s my understanding that Jesse’s contact to the music world is a big part of the fact that the performers hold such a high standard, but yesterday made me wonder about these public relations a bit more. The weather all around Ateliér 57 had all the ingredients that one calls a tropical storm but… at  Bára & Jesse we all enjoyed the pleasant summer afternoon with all that comes with it, hmmmm… 😉   

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