U Staré Paní 7.6.2024

Swingers Club

The Jazz Club U Staré Paní turned in to a swingers club last night when Jakub Zomer (p), Petra Vlková (voc), Emil Novotný (b) and Tomáš Vokurka (d) took us to an evening with famous swing melodies. Did anybody have something else in mind? 😉 After a little slow start due to technical sound problems we were offered an evening full of nostalgic sounds performed by four professional musicians who all knew what to do. Jakub and his piano go together like peas in a pod no matter what he’s playing, Petra with her very personal and sensitive voice never leaves anybody cold, Tomáš on the drums with his non-gestural style is a perfect example off how to let the music do the talking, not the gestures, and Emil on bass who also does not make a number of himself but the sounds he get of the his bass is a lesson for any bass player, beginner or experienced. 


So yes, a good night again. Only thing that’s a little sad is the missing of the audience. These sessions are not only full of skillful music but it’s also for free, the place is perfect for this kind of music, this is really a true Jazz Club, the service is excelente, there are drinks, small food etc. so…? 

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