Petra Ernyei Trio

Jazz Under the Roof

The weather god turned this week’s Jazz On the Roof to Jazz Under the Roof and at the same time scared away some of the audience, which is sad because the catering for the afternoon was taken care of by Petra Ernyei Trio and the brilliant three sets that was served to us would have deserved a larger audience. And with Petra on stage the sun is guaranteed! It’s been awhile since I saw this guy the last time, but I knew what was to come, a garantie for high class music and yet I was taken by surprise. The trio for this afternoon, Petra Ernyeiová–voc; Adam Tvrdý–g; Petr Dvorský–b.have a continuous development with no end in sight, it just gets better and better, and keep in mind that it has never been bad. It will be very interesting to see where this journey will take the band, As I already mentioned Petra was the sun on yesterday’s cloudy day, but what impressed me most was the seamless collaboration between Adam on guitar and Petr on the bass. They were like one, like they never did anything else then played together, what a joy it was to listen to them. I haven’t got a clue what has happened to their liaison work and I don’t really care as long as they keep it up. Guess what? If you want to go and listen to good music, here’s a hint for you, look up Petra Ernyei Trio! 🙂   

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