It doesn’t get much better

Nick Haywood Trio

Three musicians with a healthy self respect, who clearly are also friends and of course, with a respect for each other. Their skills have already passed the talent stage, they have fun together, it really doesn’t get much better. It should also be mentioned that with the exception of three songs, they played their own compositions, a setlist that you could use anywhere. Under the name Nick Haywood Trio, @ the Jazzdock last night we heard and saw, Nick Haywood – b; Libor Šmoldas – g; Jesse Simpson – dr/piano. A gig that was breathtaking, and not only for me!  I don’t really know what to say because I run out of superlatives. I’ll use a Finnish saying to try and explain last night, “Some do what they are capable of, others do what they want”.  🙏

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