The Finnish SISU special!

Be aware residents of Prague, the Finns are here!

The restaurant on the small island, Střelecký ostrov, in the middle of Vltava in the center of Prague has gone blue and white when SISU-klubi conquered the premises for the next couple of weeks. This of course due to the ongoing ice hockey world championships. On top of the normal menu of food and drinks you can for the time being find everything necessary and unnecessary you need for a hockey game, jerseys, Finnish flags in different sizes, hats etc.For an entrance fee of 20€ you get free access to the restaurants and terrace on the top, which gives you a chance to get into the authentic Finnish hockey atmosphere. You pay the entrance once, it’s valid for the whole tournament. 

The unbeatable SISU

The Finns have something that you don’t find anywhere else in the world. It’s something that stopped the Russians in WWII when we had a little disagreement of where the countries border runs, it’s something that makes the best ski jumpers, Formula 1 drives, javelin throwers in the World (at least it used to 🙂 ), it gave the country its first ice hockey gold medal 1995, the Eurovision song contest victory 2006 and so on, it’s called SISU. A very mild English version would be fighting spirit, but really, very mild. People have true the history tried to explain the expression, but… Go to Střelecký ostrov and you might get a clue of what I’m talking about. When I popped in today around 14.00 the place was still very quiet, I presume that most of the fans was still in bed getting ready for todays game against Norway (17.20). Speaking to a few of them they made it clear to me that it’s in many way’s a little stupide competition considering that the other teams only play for the silver medal since the gold medals are going to Finland, they even had a hat ready for the celebration 26.5. This is also SISU!

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