Update for the Roof Top!

Roman Pokorný Jazz Trio at the top yesterday...

It was all there, sunshine, the relaxed atmosphere, food, drinks… and of course Romans jazz trio. All covered for a perfect afternoon session, and that’s what we got but also an afternoon of surprises. Personally I found myself on the roof because of the music and just to enjoy life, like I guess most of us at the almost sold out roof top. The music gave us the first surprise of the day. One could sense something when Roman appeared without his normal jazz guitar, he had replaced it with a Telecaster, and no microphone for the vocals! We were served two sets of instrumental fusion based jazz, blues, jazz blues or was it funk? Since I’m not a big fan of always categorizing everything, let’s just call it what it was, very good music, end of story! Roman has been around long enough and he has the skill and the confidence to do this, and why not, an invigorating exchange for all parties involved.

The afternoon belonged to the rhythm section

Roman is also good enough to let somebody else shine in the limelight if it comes to that and yesterday belonged to the rhythm section. Taras Voloshchuk – b; Jiří Slavíček – dr. had a very special intensity in their playing you don’t experience every time. One could feel, see and most of all hear the joy they had entertaining us. The cooperation between Tara and Jiří  was something that warmed the heart, this is about skills and respect! It’s my understanding that this trio will not appear anymore, at least not officially, and that’s a big loss to all lovers of good music. Yesterday also gave us “only” two sets from the normal three that we regulars on the Roof top are used to. I don’t know why and there was some confusion everywhere due to this. I’ll try to find out why so I don’t give you wrong information next time. Otherwise I suggest you keep an eye on the program the Roof top has to offer, we are in for a very high class summer which comes to the performing artist. 🙂  



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