Jamie Marshall’s Amplified Acoustic Band

Sometimes you're in the right place at the right time!

When Jamie Marshall’s gets his Amplified Acoustic Band working, it normally means that your evening is saved. Last Wednesday made no exception, on the contrary, we saw a gig that was little more than just good, it was excellent. When the band enjoys what they are doing, you for sure will enjoy it too. When the band is having fun, it goes without saying that you are also having fun. When the band shares something personal, you feel special. What else do you need for a perfect evening, well nothing. I’m quite convinced that we all got home with a big smile and a really great feeling after the gig, and we will come back the next time, you should also! 

No coincidence

Ok, it’s true that these guys have been around the block. Especially Jamie who is a multi, multi artist with a little bit of everything in his CV, a quote from his webpage tells this “English singer/songwriter, musician, actor, photographer, voice artist and beer geek living in Prague”, missing is a VERY GOOD… Personally I like his music most, timeless without being boring. And no, I’m not being paid to write, I just had a really good feeling after the last gig! And one has to remember, Jamie was not alone. 
On double bass and vocals you’ll find Svatka Hlávková Štěpánková who, despite her young age has experience and her own strong rhythmic way of handling her instrument. And she has a voice she doesn’t need to be ashamed of. Yes Svatka, Boots should be in the set list, you who saw the gig last Wednesday know what I mean 🙂 
Radek Hlávka, guitar. I think my wife expressed the best way to describe him. “It’s like the guitar is a part of his body”. 
Martin Petrásek, cajun & percussion. A drummer with roots everywhere, country, blues rock, you name it, he’s been there, done that. Why? Because he is good. 
Put all this together and there are your ingredients for a successful night. If you’re into good music, you don’t want to miss this. All the rest that comes with it, it’s your/our bonus. Thank you Jamie Marshall’s Amplified Acoustic Band, see you next time! 🙂    

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