Jazzdock turns Icelandic

From ancient times to today's school bullying

Last night, we in the audience of Jazz Dock all became proud Icelanders for a couple of hours, Pétur Ben, Ragga Gröndal & Guðmundur Pétursson took care of that. With a for Jazz Dock little unusual musical performance the three well-established Icelandic musicians took us on a trip from the ancient times of the Vikings to today’s school bullying. This was a beautiful journey filled with emotions that left nobody cold. This was also a journey filled with skills that had no musical boundaries. This is no surprise if one gets into the background of these musicians, their music background covers all the genres one can think of, and yet that’s not important. It doesn’t explain the overwhelming feeling from last night.

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Raggas voice that made you believe that she really is the goddess Freyja, the way Guðmundur handled his guitar made one ask, who really made the pact with the devil or Péturs songwriting that made you wonder how he knew to write a song about just that part of your life. I could write praise phrases the whole day and yet nothing would cover last night. I really hope that Jazz Dock will continue with these slightly unusual musical experiences, because the reaction from the audience advocates this. After the gig I returned my Icelandic passport, went home feeling privileged to have had this experience.

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