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The local music

If you’re into the many mega happenings that Prague has to offer, sorry, but you’re in the wrong place. If you’re into the many happenings of good, honest, local music, you’re in the right place. Here you will start to find information about the local bands & musicians, where to find the small clubs, music events, the small festivals that your neighbour brags about after his last visit to Prague. We are also working on a small portrait library of the local musicians, just a small background on who is who in the Czech music world, so keep in touch! Why? It’s a question of supply and demand, we have listened to the feedback, we got it. And one has to remember, Prague is home of unbelievably much good music and musicians, maybe the no:1 in Europe? So if you’re here for a visit, why shouldn’t you also enjoy that excellent music offering?

The local inhabitants

If you stop for a moment and take your eyes off the bridge, the castle, the historical buildings and, and… Take a look around, there are actually people living here, one seems to forget that in a city where you have an oversupply of culture and everything that comes with it 🍻 If you really want to get to know Prague, slow down and try to get into the normal, maybe sometimes little grey life of the city’s inhabitants. That’s the way you get to know the real Prague, for good and bad! Even if the local’s sometimes have a hard time admitting it, not everything is perfect in the capital of Europe!. Having said that, a small reminder, you are a guest here, in peoples homes, for good and for bad, why not act like that then? 

Some old services is still left

Every now and then we’ll still put in a few hints on where to go outside the regular tourist traps. We will also make your website if so required and teach you how to update them yourself so you can save a few korunas… 🙂  But the focus will be on the 🎶 🎸🎶 and the local inhabitants 🐶🦉🤸‍♂️💃 of Prague. Rome was not built in a day, so you can expect our changes during this spring.


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