This recipe never fails!

Libor Šmoldas Trio 29.7.2023

Ingredients for a successful afternoon:
  • 1 Libor Šmoldas – g
  • 1 Jakub Zomer – org
  • 1 Jiří Slavíček – dr
  • 1 warm summer day
  • 1 terrace
  • 1 bunch of happy people


Start with mixing Libor and Jakub, this is the easy part, sometimes it feels that they were made to be together, they connect to each other in a way that’s every now and then hard to understand.  After this, spice up the mix with a reasonable amount of Jiří. Now you have the base ready, and after this the rest is very much up to you.

Finish up…

Present the base to a happy bunch of people, on a warm summer day, on a terrace in the middle of Prague, and you’r afternoon just can’t go wrong. Enjoy what’s happening, after all this is not your everyday food, more like a celebration meal. A small warning, this of course only works if you have the right top quality ingredients, specially the three first are vital for you to succeed. You can cheat with many things, but never with the ingredients. Remember to say thank you…  🙂

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