Updated to 2024!
The last minute hint for the first of May.

Mladí ladí jazz Open Air 2024

The seventh Mladí ladí jazz Open Air 2024 yesterday is just a memory anymore. Celebrating the International jazz day was once again a great success, just like the weather! Without going into any more details I have to mention that if you run into a small orchestra full of youngsters that name themself “Searching for Home”, stop for a while and listen, they are worth it, I promise! And just like previous years Mladí ladí jazz was well organised in every way with that one small exception. This festival had four bands, and for the three first everything was perfect, specially the sound, and then something happened. When the main star of the evening started to play the sound quality was something I won’t write about because there might be children reading this. I have a small idea why this was but I don’t have any facts so I keep it to myself. I felt really sorry for the band 🙁  specially since I was not the only one who had this feeling. But I can live with this in an otherwise well organised festival that soon will have to start looking for larger premises, It’s starting to get crowded! 🙂

Pictures from 2024

Pictures from 2022 and 2023

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