Summer is here!

Jazz On The Rooftop is back!

First of May saw as usual plenty of different events throughout the city, but it also saw the one sure sign that meant the return of the summer, Jazz On The Rooftop. So the wind almost got us seasick, we were on the water, right! Or that the temperature dropped occasionally way below 20C’, or that many of us needed a blanket to keep warm since we left home with a bottle in the bag pack but not a sweater, it doesn’t matter, if there’s music on the rooftop the summer is here, end of discussion! And what a way to spend the ending of 1st of May. The six-member jazz orchestra Swing Melody with the support of tap-dancer Tereza Kopecká took us back almost a century with famous jazz standards and even more famous Czech evergreens in a very, very professional way. And we, the audience loved it, many even got to use their dancing shoes, or was that the wind? 🙂 So the summer is here but for now, Labour day is over, time to go back to work. 🙂 

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