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Last Thursday Prague’s maybe best jazz club (more later in the blog) had familiar and prestigious guests when Maria Esteban Trio, María Esteban (vocals), Eddie Mejía (guitar), and David Muñoz (double bass) made a short stop outside our capital in a dress rehearsal gig for their coming German mini tour. 
We were offered the sound of traditional jazz performed in the style of the year 2024. A warm and temperamental sound that is often linked to music for the southern European countries, no matter what genre. This said only in a positive way, because that’s what it was. The technical skill of the artist is something that we the listeners are used to today, and yet that’s really not always enough. You need to like, believe in what you do, you need to transfer that feeling to the people listening to you and most of all, it needs to be genuine. Maria Esteban’s Trio had all this, and a little more! 

"Happy Days Are Here Again"

Their tour is named; Concert to present the album “Happy Days Are Here Again”.  A mini album including six tracks that gives a very good cross-section of what to expect from the trio. The album is good, no doubt about it. If you have the chance I suggest you add it to your music collection. If one was to say something negative about this album it would be “Only six songs?”, because once you start listening to it, you will want more. If you want to experience their tour you still have a possibility today, 28.4. if you find yourself in Jazzclub Abensberg, Germany. about 300 km. from Prague so… 😉 More information here:

Ateliér 57

The best jazz club in Prague is in Beroun. About 30 km. from the capital you will find a small piece of treasure in the Czech world of music. In a former garage that today serves as a workshop and about once a month becomes a jazz club, officially unofficial. With the love for music, with hard work, with the blessing of the political decision makers (there’s still some smart ones left!) in Beroun, Bára & Jesse have turned their home into a must place for music lovers. But since this blog is not about the club you’ll have to wait and will shortly provide you with the required information, so stay in touch! 🙂 😉 

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