Mikuláš Pokorný Trio

Bastion, Prague 23.4.2024

Yesterday yhalinen.com had the honor to take part in the birth of Mikuláš Pokorný Trio at the Bastion Prague Restaurant, Prague 2. Yes Mikuláš and his piano has been performing with this name several times before but not with this configuration, where Tomas Baros on bass and Jesse Simpson on drums complemented each other in a way that one really hopes that there’ll be no crib death in the near future.

"Giants" of jazz" 🙂

The trio’s one hour set gave us a relaxed and very enjoyable beginning to the evening in the genre that’s called jazz. For those of you who are familiar with the names of the artists this would be no surprise, of course, over the years, they have all three already earned their spurs. Even if Mikuláš, according to his own words, had felt a little pressure playing with these two “giants”. I don’t know why because Mikuláš with his brilliant technique and the way with which he lets the music take him, and us, to completely different spheres with youthful enthusiasm is proof that he could do well anywhere. But of course these two “giants” of jazz, Jesse and Thomas, in addition to being full-blooded professionals, do have something special together. Jesse said that they have been working very much with each other and this is something you can hear when they take the stage, it’s called when two becomes one.

Putting three such skillful individualis in one place at the same time is no guarantee of success, on the contrary, but this trio’s performance made you hungry, and I dare say I’m not the only one who wants to see and hear more about the growth of this trio.

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