Ministry of Silly Walk

Since is not a news site we can and will publish small happenings that are not necessarily what one will call a burning issue. Like for example last Sunday that saw a bunch of weird people (more than normal that is) strolling around the center of Prague. We who have been around the block already, like me  🙂 , recognized it at once. It was the one and only, Ministry of Silly Walk, immortalized by the British comedy troupe Monty Python’s Flying Circus sketch series in the 1970s.

International Silly Walk day

Believe It or not, there’s even an international Silly Walk day these days. On the 7th of January people around the world who are normally considered normal and sane, dress up in the proper gear, suit, bowler hat and a briefcase, they capture the streets and make the moving hard for themselves. In Prague this was a reborn tradition, last seen in the capital 2012. But for example in Brno this has been going on for 11 years on the row! Ok, Moravia has always been a little…. 😉 And why? Well, why not, things don’t always need to be so serious, right? Besides, those of us who were following the event and tried to take some pictures merged into the Silly Walk really good 🙂  even if we were not dressed up in the proper way!  😉 

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