The very best way to start the New Year.

Old lady, young lady and not so young man, WOW!

Petra Vlková vocal and Jaroslav Šindler guitar, what can go wrong? Well nothing, and it didn’t. The Old Lady, the jazz club in the middle of old town Prague gave us an absolutely brilliant start for the year 2024 last Friday (5.1). 

Thank You Petra...

Petra Vlková with her very personal and skillful voice and style that leaves nobody cold was at her very best, and of course, when the response from the audience was 110% positive she only got more excited and better as the time went bye, and we were in for a treat that I think nobody expected in advance.

Thank you Jaroslav

And Jaroslav Šindler, the man is a legend in the world of jazz, and of course there’s a reason for that, and last Friday he showed us why. How you can get so much music out from one single note is a  mystery to me, but I like this kind of mystery, so I just layd back and enjoyed it, just like the rest of us. One notable small detail was Jaroslavs guitar, named Lucille, a signature model from the legendary all blues man BB King. I have no doubt that BB was sitting on a cloud listening, enjoying and thinking, “Ok, so that’s the way to do it”. 

Thank you Petra & Jaroslav

The whole three sets that they performed together was so filled with skills, joy, emotions that one very rarely gets to experience. Just as an example, the place was packed, people were standing because there were no more seats left. This is a club where 95% of the people have a pint in their hand, out for a Friday night fun. But when the music started the whole place went dead quiet, nobody wanted to miss a single sound of what was being served to us. What a way to start 2024. 

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