Prague, city of contrasts

For good and for bad

Most people connect Prague with its history, the old buildings, Charles bridge etc. And that’s of course pretty obvious since we’re talking about a well preserved city where the first settlement goes back to the second half of the 9th century. But if you slow down a bit and look behind everything that’s written in the tourist guide you will see that Prague is also a city full of contrasts. This of course is also pretty obvious considering the age of the city, and yet for many people this comes as a surprise, if they ever even see it or understand it. 

Should be hanged in a public place

Overall, the new arkitekture in Prague is done with good taste and the city decision makers have done a good job preserving the old Prague and everything that comes with it, but… There are a few spots where the persons responsible for the outlook should really be hanged in a public place, and there should be handed out free rotten apples to the audience. I have never understood the Thai massage in the Old Town square which with its red signs reminds me of a brothel more than anything else. This is a shame, because the building itself is beautiful. And the controversial TV tower that today in many ways dominates the city view, and has strong supposters in both camps to be or not to be, should be blown to pieces. This is only my narrow minded subjective opinion, but these pages are mine so… 🙂  So next time you find yourself in the city center, slow down a bit, open your eyes and take a look around, you might be astonished and not always in a good way.

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