Jazz dock 28.6.2024 Botticelli Baby

Botticelli Baby Jazz Dock 28.6.2024

It’s full speed right from the start, no prisoners taken, it’s loud, it’s original, it’s personal, it’s electrifying, it’s emotional, it’s breathtaking, it’s Botticelli Baby! Last night Jazzdock saw these seven German refreshments to the music world, their fourth try to blow our brains away, and they were close to succeed. With an intensity that is incredible they took a sold out Jazzdock with storm, again. After two sets and two encores you find yourself asking WHAT WAS THAT? If you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, it’s your mistake. Marlon Bösherz – bass, vocals; Alexander Niermann – trp; Jörg Buttler – g; Lucius Nawothnig – p; Tom Hellenthal – Ph.D.; Christian Scheer – sax; Max Wehner – trb.

Here’s a link to the the last blog with BB: https://yhalinen.com/this-lightning-strikes-twice-in-the-same-place/

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