Petra Vlková & Libor Šmoldas
It never fails…

@ U Stará paní Jazz & Cocktail Club 29.6.2024

So what if I’m not interested in 22 guys running after a small ball? So what if I don’t want to spend my evening with a drunk screaming, crying, cheering crowd after a whole day in the city? Easy, “You get wise, you go to the Old Lady”. And we did, what a perfect decision!  After spending a full day in a tourist packed Prague with the temperature being steady over 30+C’, and no matter how wonderful your day has been, the icing on the cake was found at The Old Lady where Petra  & Libor performed an evening of old music classicals in their own special way. Petra with her personal, warm and lively voice who doesn’t leave anybody cold, and Libor with his magic guitar took us to the spheres where you almost started to feel sorry for the hooligans spending their time in front of the rectangular screen, but only almost! 😉  

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