Robyn Brown & Libor Šmoldas Organ Trio

U Staré Paní 20.6.2024

Libor Šmoldas Organ Trio, Libor Šmoldas (g), Jakub Zomer (org), Martin Šulc (dr) got a prestige guest last night at the U Staré Paní (The Old Lady), when jazz/blues/gospel/R&B singer Robyn Brown (AUS) teamed up with the band for a night that covered everything from the traditional 12 bar to some great interpretation of Billie Holliday. This stylish Australian gift to the world of music owns a very warm and natural voice that is bound to draw your attention once she starts singing, that is if your not stone-deaf and maybe even then. Her humble and graceful stage appearance ware’s she’s giving place to the rest of the band just makes her stand out even more, and of course most important, you can really feel the love to the music she preforms. I heard this lady sing one (1) time before so I had a little feeling on what to expect, and yet I was positively overwhelmed last night, this was a night that I will not trade away, on the contrary and here’s the problem. This was Robyns only performance in the republic before she moves on and that’s not fair! She’s based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia, so if you want to catch up with her it takes some arrangements, it’s not just like going down to the local pub for an evening out. So shall we just close the borders and give her an Czech passport, could it be that easy? Sum summarum, this was a very nice night, thank you Robyn. I’m happy there are people like you on this planet! 🧡
And Libor Šmoldas Organ Trio? Oh yes, they were there and they were good, as always! But this night belonged to Robyn… 🙂 

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