It’s amazing and it’s for free!

Aviation museum, Prague

Traveling on a small budget, don’t want to spend a fortune on admissions fees to get a taste of the culture and history of the country? Prague is the right place for you. is starting a small series of places to see, museums, historical places and so on, which are for free. They will all be in Prague or the surroundings and they will all be worth visiting, of course. And as usual they will be published regularly with an irregular timetable. 🙂 

The first one, Aviation museum or in Czech, Letecké muzeum Kbely. This is a absolutely great place, are you interested in aviation or not. It’s situated on a former military air base, it holds hundreds of different flying objects and everything that goes with it. It’s also one of the largest of its type in Europe. And as a world standard it’s open every day except for Mondays, but as a good rule, always check the opening hours before you make your trip. You’ll find it one the outskirts of Prague but it’s easy to get here, metro/bus combination will be the best if you’re starting from the center of Prague. Below are a couple of useful links for more information…. happy landings! 🙂 

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