They are on the move!

And you don't want to miss it...

Libor Šmoldas and his NYC trio ft. Adam Nussbaum & Jay Anderson are back. For a short tour that includes seven gigs, in almost as many day’s, four in the Czech Republic and the last three in Germany. They started off 14.10 in Prague at Nové Hrady, yesterday the honor got JazzDock, also in Prague and from there it goes on, for a full schedule visit,
We,, had the pleasure to attend yesterday’s gig at the JazzDock, and I can only say WOW! Those who follow this page regularly know that my music taste is more or less restricted, I only like good music, and I tell you, that’s what we had yesterday, spiced with a little show, some humor, individual performances and so on.     
I will not go into these guys’ history, background, who they played with in the past and so on, to me it’s not important. Just leave it at that they are very professional, they clearly know and enjoy what they are doing, and when they do it together,,, Well nobody left JazzDock yesterday untouched and with a smile on their faces. 
And that’s why you should grab the chance if you have it, to go and see this guy’s. If you’re a tourist, this is a special and original memory to bring home from your trip to our beautiful capital. If you’re local, lucky you, cause you probably have the chance to see this assembly more often since Libor is a Prague boy. 😉  Don’t miss this opportunity if you like good music.

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