Not the Castle, not the Charles Bridge, but the small cable car leading to the top of Petřin is the only tourist attraction that had over a million visitors by 2021. That is making it the number 1 tourist destination in Prague that year. And remember, at the time we were still fighting a pandemic. A little flu that kept people as far apart as possible and this story is true, because statistics don’t lie, right? If you are going to visit our cable car in its current form, hurry up. The lifeline of the cars is coming to an end and will be replaced by newer and completely different looking cars in the near future. Figures for 2022 have not yet been released.

Zoo number 2

If the cable car to pole position was a surprise, the same must be said for second place. The Prague Zoo was just as clearly second as the cable car was first, with more than 900,000 visitors. This is not bad for some cats and dogs. 😉

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