Many important studies and statistics see the light every year. This one made 2019-20 by Berlin-based insurance company Coya has come to the conclusion that if you are a dog, Prague is a very good place for you! Only San Francisco, Seattle and Tel-Aviv made it ahead of Prague. This is truly a GLOBAL study, so this is serious business! The study highlighted good places for dogs and ranked them based on comparable and available data, such as how much dog owners obey the rules, the presence of pet stores, vets, dog walks, and how much it costs to own a dog.

Dogs registered in Prague at the end of 2020

By the end of 2020, a total of 90,183 dogs were officially registered in Prague. By gender, females are slightly ahead, with 45,343, while males are 44,522. Ben, Max and Bety were the most common names, true traditional Czech names. 😉 There you have important facts that you probably won’t find in the official Prague travel guide for some reason. The study also concluded that the city did not rank very high in cleaning up after dogs, of course this has been a problem for some time. Hmmmm…

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