That’s it for security checks in Prague Castle!

The security checks of Prague Castle, which lasted almost seven years, are over. The new president was a man of his word. One election promise was to stop harassing people at the castle gate, both tourists and locals. No more metal detectors, emptying pockets of metal objects and, above all, no more queuing, which, especially on the weekend, has been relatively tiring, to put it mildly. Locals can once again use the shortcut through the castle yard, there is no need to go around the rather large complex anymore.

Random checks

However, it is not completely free to pass, Random checks will still be carried out, so if you have some bad luck, so be it. However, at this stage it can be considered mostly as a curiosity. And for now, the equipment used by the police can still be seen near the entrances. They are there just in case, IF we still have to go back to the old system. We hope for the best and fear the worst. thanks the new head of state!

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