Prague marathon edition…

It’s unbelievable. A recently published report ranks Pragues transport system as the second best in the whole world, and this for the second year in a row. And still for the 27th time over 8000 people from around 70 different countries gather around to tour the city by foot! And that’s not enough, they do it running, and the busiest one spent only just little over two hours to complete the journey! One could think that you only get a chance to see only a fragment of everything Prague has to offer, but… Charles bridge, The Castle, Old and New and Lesser Town, The River, Letna and its Metronome and so on… They are very well covered, it’s only that one can’t stop thinking that there must be a more comfortable way to experience all this, or?

New Record

So much for the gibberish, have the deepest respect for all sadomasochists that took part in the event.  42.192 meters in one go is a very respectable achievement. This year the first person in goal even broke the old record when he finished the tour in 2:05:09, so I very much doubt that there was time for a pint this time! And of course like always, this is so much more than a running competition, it’s a big folk festival. And not only the participants, that also this year had some very colorful individuals, but all the friends and family that are following the happening from the side of the track belongs to this fest as much as the runners, and that of course is what makes this the biggest yearly party in Prague. If you click the link you will find a very large photo gallery from this year’s event, but remember this is pictures, so they are maybe a little different from what you get in the normal media. Who won? Everybody who completed this crazy sightseeing tour is a winner and they can all be proud of this day’s work! Non-mentioned and non-forgotten…


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