If you get the opportunity, go for it!

Sometimes it doesn’t take that much, “just” three professional guitarists, a small club and a very good feeling. The result? An unforgettable session with jazz standards that reminded you why you got out of bed this morning!

Probably the best guitarists in the Czech Republic, Libor Šmoldas, had invited a couple of friends for an  early evening jam session in Prague last night (10.3.2023). His mates, Hugh Buckley (Ireland) and Nigel Clark (Scotland) together with Libor gave the audience a set that left nobody cold. Even though the three of them represent totally different styles, the workmanship and above all, the joy of playing was again proof that you really don’t need the big stadium mass events to go home with a stupied grin on your face! And you don’t need to be a fan of jazz music either, it’s enough if you appreciate good music, because that’s what this is all about.

These three guys perform under the name,Šmoldas – Buckley – Clark International guitar trio, and they still have four more concerts in Prague and surroundings. So if you have the possibility to get there, don’t miss it, you wont be dissapointed, I promise…  For more information go to this page: https://www.liborsmoldas.cz/koncerty/ and if you want to see pictures from yesterday, just click here: Šmoldas – Buckley – Clark from the right side.

Libor Šmoldas

If you can’t make it for these concert’s, don’t worry. Libor is a multi-skilled Czech guitarist and appears in many different configurations. He tours very actively and performs in Prague frequently. So go to his webpage, address above, and if you have the opportunity, go for it! This will give you a little different memory from your trip to Prague, one that you don’t find in the regular tourist guide. 

A small warning

One more thing about this trio, a little warning.They  advertise themselves as multinationals,  CZ, IE and SCO, but… during the break, they played two sets, I can swear that I saw them drinking WATER, all of them!!! 😉

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