15. 6. 2023 – 10. 9. 2023

For those who are interested in recent history and photography, a really great photo exhibition just opened at the Leica gallery in the center of Prague. The subject is the defeat of the Prague Spring on August 20-21, 1968. The days when the then Warsaw pact came to liberate and save Czechoslovakia’s brothers and sisters from capitalist and imperialist influence. And although a total of five countries, the Soviet Union, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary and East Germany, took part in this very large military special operation, Moscow was the pacesetter. Feeling a déjà vu?

Punching tanks

In the beginning, the very confused citizens  fought the heavy tanks with just their bare fists, and of course there could only be one outcome. This is what Forced to be… is all about. Although Prague attracted the most attention abroad, fierce clashes took place almost everywhere in Czechoslovakia. A total of 137 citizens of the country lost their lives in those days and 500 were seriously wounded, this by the liberators. The exhibition is set up in honor of the event’s 55th anniversary (really?), a total of 25 Photographer’s works are on display. If you have even a little interest and you are nearby, come and see these photographs, it is a high-quality and at the same time harsh exhibition.

Leica gallery

If the exhibition doesn’t interest you that much, it’s still worth stopping by the gallery in question. The premises are bright and cozy (this is not a paid advertisement). The activity was already started in 2002, mainly with the aim of promoting and bringing to the fore Czech and Slovak photographers. There is a nice little cafe in the place, where e.g. very tasty coffee. Something small and fresh to bite is also available for those who want that, and the quality follows the general line of the gallery. However, the most impressive of all is the large number of excellent photo books in the place. Here you can find everything from the beginning of photography to the present day, and the prices are not too high. The place can be found here:

Leica Gallery Prague
Školská 28
110 00 Praha 1 – Nové Město
+420 222 211 567

More photo’s HERE!

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