Your guide

In Prague

Sometimes it's worth it!

What? Well, hire me to walk you around to the places you want to see in our beautiful capital, especially if you are here for the first time, it will save you time to do something else also.

But remember, you make up a list of what you want to visit, all the history and important dates that come with it, you will have to look it up yourself. I will tell you small stories during the day, but they are mostly not found in the regular tourist guide.

Normally you have my company for a day, and after that you are on your own. Depending a little on how long your stay is and how much you want to see.

My Rules!

I normally don’t walk around with a company bigger than five people, it’s more enjoyable for both of us.

No stag parties, hen nights or pub crawl please. If you’re here only to drink and party, I’m not your guide. 

The easiest is if you have someone to give you a recommendation, but of course this is not necessary. Until I get my booking page done, please use the contact form to get in touch.