Noc kostelů, Night of Churches 3-4.6. 2023

If your in Prague or in the Czech Republic next weekend and your in to churches, you are in for a little different treat. It’s time for the yearly Night of Churches, in Czech, Noc kostelů. This is an event that started 2009 and every year draws thousands of visitors to Churches, chapels and temples true out the country. Just in Prague alone there is 155 houses of God open for the event, in the whole country 1771 of them, not bad!


The theme for this year is baptism, and if your not to enthusiastic about that, don’t worry. There is something in here for almost everybody. Starting normally in the late afternoon where’s many of the places have program for the youngest in the family. It goes on true the night with of course, the mandatory mass, but it also offers music, theatre performances, literature events, the possibility to get acquainted to the buildings in the evening and night time feel, with or without a guide, and many places offers you a chance to get to places that are normally closed for the ordinary mortal, and very much more.

Well organized

So even if this is an event to get the lost souls back to the protection of the lord, so what? It offers a unique and different possibility to experience something out of the ordinary tourist guide. The happening true out the whole country is very well organized and one can see that a lot of working hours has been put in to it. To get the complete program, visit their web site @, here you will find everything from you tube videos to apps to download for your smartphone.

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