It’s for free, part 3!

Prague is maybe the jazz center of Europe today, and many of the tourists come to our beautiful city just to enjoy the music, and of course not only jazz. The city offers a wide-range of music that should satisfy the majority of the visitors. But if you’re into jazz, this is really the city to be at the moment. And if you’re not, you have now a chance to expand your personal musical experience. In the Old Town right under your nose is a place that in many ways takes you back to the time that you only see in the old movies. To the time when strange sounds came from the basement along with the cigarette smoke.


Dark and unknown cellar 

You’ll find all of this, except for the cigarette smoke, at U Staré Paní jazz club (link below), and yes, it’s really in the basement. 🙂  This is maybe one reason why it’s not very well known yet by the average tourist who is still a little cautious to walk down to a fairly dark and unknown cellar. But trust me, it’s worth it, it’s safe and most important, it’s for free. This is something you should try to fit into your schedule when visiting the Czech capital.

Jam Session not karaoke

The variety of the artists here hold a very high class, they will not disappoint you. The club is open everyday except for Monday. If you’re lucky there might be a jam session on the time for your visit. The jam session is my personal favorite, and if you run into it, take the opportunity. And if you play yourself and have your instrument with you or even if you don’t, go for it, join them. These guys are friendly and you are always welcome to join in, that’s what this is all about right, jam session. A small warning, this is really a jam session with musicians who know how to play, many of them full blooded professionals, this is not a karaoke bar, you’ll find them also in Prague, but not here. 

No sponsor….

As normal, these are only small hints on what to do in Prague, small things that are not always found in the regular tourist information. has no connection to this club, we pay for our drinks, we don’t have a sponsorship deal with the club, and so on. This is for you and for the love of music.

Click here for the link to the clubs webpages.

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