Give your child a day.

Give your child a day.

You might be surprised and enjoy it yourself.

No matter what your reason is for visiting Prague, very often the small members of the family are forgotten. A trip to the Prague Zoological Garden will make up for that and also give junior something to tell the friends when he/she gets back home, and make the vacation a memorable and special one. And you never know, you might like it yourself. But a small warning, take your time, reserve the whole day for this trip, Prague Zoo is not something to rush across in a couple of hours.

Top ten

The Zoo goes back all the way to 1881 even though its doors officially opened 28 September 1931, Google and Wikipedia can provide you with all the statistics and other information if you need. It has been ranked in the top ten of zoological gardens in the whole world several times through numeros voting in travel magazines, by the visitors, and by different experts in the field. If you take your day in the Zoo you’ll understand why, personally i go there myself two, three times a year. And as with all high class zoos there is so much more than just the animals. Just the scenery over Prague is quite spectacular, ok I know, Prague has quite a few view points 🙂 And it’s of course a little peaceful and quiet compared to the sometimes very hectic city life in Prague, a break for the soul. It’s fairly easy to get there by public transportation, and in the summertime you can even get there by boat, a very crowded boat, from the city center. So treat your small one’s for an unforgettable day that you will for sure enjoy yourself also. :- )

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