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First-ever ice skating rink to open on Prague's Wenceslas Square...

An ice rink has made its debut on Wenceslas Square, for the first time ever and with a lot of attention in the media. It had an official opening on the 5th of December, and it is, among other things, advertised with the wonderful view of the National museum. If you’re really attentive, you might actually catch a glimt of the museum, but most likely not. 🙂 Yes, the ice rink itself supports its place in Prague, where iceskating used to be very popular in the old day’s, that is on Vltava!  And can tell you that now you have a chance to do it again.

Skating at Náplavka

It was a long time ago when in Prague one used to have the opportunity to skate on Vltava. But now you can do it again. No, they have not frozen the river, but some small genius took a big flatboat, put a bar on one end, of course, and in the middle a small ice rink. And from here you really have a great view of the river itself and of course the Castle! The boat, Petra, is to be found at Náplavka, a part of the riverbank that’s very popular e.g among the locals. So suggests that you forget the square and if you really want to ice skate in Prague, give Náplavka a go. If you still end up on Wenceslas Square, remember to bring your wallet, it’s not free. 😉  

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