Cemetery music festival!

Breaking the formulas...

yhalinen.com, that is me ūüôā ,¬† has participated¬†in so many music festivals that there’s no way I could tell you the total amount, let alone that I would remember them all individually. Yesterday’s music-fest is an exception, I will remember¬†it, as will all who¬†were present, that is the living ones, well maybe also… ūüėČ The festival,¬†“Between the Graves”, was exactly¬†what the name suggests. A fest between the tombs in Prague’s largest cemetery,¬† OlŇ°any Cemetery.¬†
Ok, we didn’t see any big rock stars carrying out a mega show with all that comes with it, of course not, the place is too crowded¬†for that! But seven different and smaller performances on an outdoor stage and in the restored Eissner tomb!

Adopt a grave

Many of the graves are getting into a poor condition for multiple reasons, the festival is an effort to try and raise money for the restoration of these graves, of which many are historically important. The entrance to the festival was free, but the audience was given the opportunity to voluntarily contribute to the preservation of the cemetery. And most of all, we were given the possibility to adopt a grave. 
Today you can adopt almost anything starting with the small¬†endangered monkey at the zoo, so why not a grave? There are 520 graves available for adoption at OlŇ°any Cemetery, of which 307 have already been adopted so there are still quite a few left for you. And remember, you don’t need to be a local to adopt a grave. An adopted grave home as a souvenir from your visit to Prague, that would be not only unique but also very personal!¬†

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